Restaurant Flammen Sønderborg

Opening hours


Søndag - torsdag:

17.00 - 22.00

Fredag - lørdag:

17.00 - 23.00

Buffet closes:

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We provide

  • Takeaway
  • Grill buffet
Kort Flammen Sønderborg

The Restaurant

Salatbuffet på Flammen
Hans Harvest

Right here in beautiful Sønderborg is our new restaurant, which can form the setting for both birthdays, large and small parties, Christmas lunches and much more. Of course always with a focus on coziness, delicious food and fantastic service.

Hans Harvest, Manager, Restaurant Flammen, Sønderborg


Grill buffet

Grill Buffet

In our large grill buffet there is something for every taste – 15 types of meat straight from the grill, 50 exciting salad varieties and 10 hot dishes. So if you’re the mix-your-own candy type who would rather decide for yourself, the large selection in our buffet is definitely something for you. So work up a good appetite and book a table today.



Large or small parties? At Restaurant Flammen, we can handle both and everything in between – whether it’s time to gather with friends, a company party, or an anniversary is just around the corner. We’ve got it all covered. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email, and we will find the perfect solution for you.


Christmas lunch in Sønderborg

Whether your Christmas lunch is a grand corporate celebration or a cozy gathering with family and close friends, Restaurant Flammen Sønderborg has space for you. Our spacious venues are designed to accommodate parties of any size.



Some life events are truly special. We often host different events in Sønderborg, such as birthdays, company parties, 12-and-a-half years’ wedding anniversaries and Christmas lunches. We have room for just about anything, and our buffet makes it easy for large parties to eat well, without anyone having to sit around waiting for food.


Restaurant Gift card

Do you have a hard time finding the perfect gift for someone close to you? It can be difficult to find the perfect personal gift. Give a gift card for a lovely evening in great company. Now that is a personal gift. You can buy a gift card for Restaurant Flammen Sønderborg right here on the website or at the restaurant.

Flammen personale

Eatery Sønderborg

If you are looking for a great eatery in Sønderborg, we can offer you a grill buffet with something for everyone. We always have at least 15 different meats on the grill, 10 hot dishes and 50 selections at our salad bar. You will have a wonderful time, whether you come with family or friends. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our eatery in Sønderborg.


Family restaurant

Restaurant Flammen is a place where the whole family can gather. Here there is room for coziness, presence and fun – both during the week and at the weekend. So regardless of whether you need a break from everyday hardships or want to make the weekend a little extra delicious, Restaurant Flammen is a really good choice.

Kød på grillen

Going out to eat

Who are you bringing to dinner at Flammen Sønderborg? You can bring your significant other, wife, family, business acquaintances or a group of friends. We have room for everybody, and there is something for every taste at our grill buffet. Apart from our large grill buffet area with meat, hot dishes, starters and a salad bar, you can also get soft drinks, beer, wine, coffee and desserts.



Delicious ribs, salad, fries, tasty juicy meat and dessert – you can order all that as takeaway at Restaurant Flammen Sønderborg. In fact, you can mix up your very own favorite takeaway menu – so there’s something for everyone. Should it be easy and quick? Easy and delicious when you have guests over? Order takeaway with us and eat happily.

Restaurant Sønderborg

Are you looking for a good restaurant in Sønderborg where you can take your friends, family or colleagues? Then Restaurant Flammen is the place for you. Here you can enjoy Denmark’s largest barbecue buffet, which contains hot and cold dishes for every taste. We open the doors for dinner parties on regular weekday evenings, for weekend visits and larger parties in connection with confirmations, Christmas lunches or other events.

We offer great food and cozy surroundings

At Restaurant Flammen, we prioritize good food, cozy ambiance, and excellent service. You can advantageously spend an evening relaxing in our restaurant with your loved ones. Upon arrival, our staff will greet you with smiles, guide you to your table, and ensure that you have a wonderful evening.

Try our grillbuffet in Sønderborg

Our buffet, offering a plethora of choices, draws many expectant guests daily. Here, everyone can indulge in a feast of internationally inspired and Danish cuisine, ensuring you leave completely satisfied when it’s time to head home or out into the town.

If you haven’t yet heard of or tasted our exquisite meats, you’re in for a treat. Forget about a three-course meal when you can have whatever your heart desires (and then some) at Restaurant Flammen. In our buffet, we serve 15 different kinds of meat, ranging from tender beef and venison to kangaroo and Argentine sausages.

In addition to the 15 different kinds of meat, you can load your plate with:

  • Tasty appetizers
  • At least 10 hot dishes
  • A delightful salad bar with 50 varieties
  • Freshly baked white and dark bread
  • Delicious sauces

Our menu also features satisfying desserts such as brownies, petit fours, or all-you-can-eat soft serve ice cream. The dessert is the perfect end to a splendid evening — along with a good cup of coffee, of course.

Enjoy our Allergy-Friendly Buffet

At Restaurant Flammen, everyone should be able to join in, whether you’re a vegetarian, have allergies, or simply prefer protein and greens. For those dealing with one or more food allergies, we have put together a comprehensive allergy list for you to consult before you arrive. This way, you can easily identify which items in the buffet you can enjoy without concern. If you have any doubts, please feel free to ask one of our staff members for advice.

Host Your Party at Our Restaurant in Sønderborg

At Restaurant Flammen, we love parties, both big and small. Whether you’re planning a birthday, a confirmation, a company lunch, or something else, you can opt for the full party package with us. All you need to do is enjoy the celebration, and we’ll take care of all the practical details, like cooking and the subsequent cleanup. Who wouldn’t want to skip that?

In our cozy setting, you can relax and enjoy each other’s company. While we don’t have dedicated party rooms in the restaurant, we can certainly arrange a more private corner if you wish to be somewhat secluded from the other guests.

Order All Inclusive with or without unlimited cocktails

All Inclusive

is one of our popular solutions for parties that don’t want to lack anything during the evening. This allows you to indulge in all the food and drinks your stomachs can handle without having to pay extra — that’s the recipe for a great and festive evening.

Our All Inclusive package includes:

  • One welcome drink
  • Grill buffet and appetizers
  • Unlimited soft drinks, tea, coffee, and mineral water
  • Unlimited wine and beer
  • Dessert buffet

You can also order All Inclusive with unlimited cocktails, giving you access to cocktails throughout the evening in addition to the above.

We look forward to seeing you at our restaurant in Sønderborg.

Restaurant Flammen is one of the preferred dining locations in Sønderborg for those who want great food with a wealth of options. With our buffet, you can create your own three-course meal with a delicious starter, main course, and dessert from your favorites.

If you have any questions about our buffet, restaurant, or the possibility of hosting your event with us, please feel free to contact us for assistance and answers. We look forward to providing you and your party with a wonderful evening.