Familien Flammen

From a South Jutland inn to Flammen

Restaurant Flammen opened its first restaurant in 2009 in Kolding. Already then, the focus was on making all guests satisfied. That vision lives on in all Flammen restaurants today.

Flammen København

Restaurant Flammen is a Danish, family-owned restaurant chain with 15 restaurants including one in Germany.

Flammen is the result of one family’s wish to establish a cosy place that everyone would enjoy, with something for every taste and where, in true Southern-Jutland style, you can eat your fill without draining your wallet.

One Big Flammen Family

The family behind Flammen had spent years developing the right concept, finding the right food and creating Flammen as we know it today. The family wanted to start a restaurant in Kolding and asked the bank for a loan. The first bank turned them down, but the next bank believed in their dream and helped them move forward. It just wasn’t quite enough, so the family had to scrape together money where they could. Their son Martin sold his car and their daughter Kristina sold her horse.

In 2009, the family took the plunge and opened their very first Restaurant Flammen. It was in Kolding, and the restaurant is still in the same location today. In fact, the Kolding restaurant’s manager, Alis, has been there from the start. She joined from Fole Høkerkro, where she worked with her family.

In the beginning, the family relied on friends and acquaintances to help as carvers, waiters and in the kitchen. Several of the employees who were there from the start are now running the business.

Strong values

The Restaurant Flammen values were already in place when Fole Høkerkro Inn was opened – we shall provide a large barbecue buffet made from excellent ingredients, and our vision that every single guest must be satisfied, continues to this day.

From a South Jutland inn to Flammen

The Flammen family is called Rosenfeldt Sunddal (mother Ketty, father Flemming, son Martin and daughter Kristina). A family from Southern Jutland, who started a grocery store in the small town of Fole, located solidly between Haderslev and Ribe.

The family has always had a great interest in food and wine, so they thought of expanding the shop with some cosy wine tasting evenings with small dishes. It developed quickly as these evenings became very popular, so the family decided to expand and make a real inn. That inn ended up starting the whole Flammen adventure.

The family loved running the inn and working together, and they often talked about expanding and maybe creating something completely new. The idea for the concept of a large barbecue buffet with something for everyone emerged in 1996 and was developed and tested over several years.

Flammen grows

Two years after the Kolding restaurant came into being, the family opened a new one in Odense. They quickly felt the demand, so Flammen rapidly spread to the whole country.

Today, there are 15 restaurants in total, and more are expected to come.

We look forward to welcoming you to Restaurant Flammen

Piet Flammen

Piet Klein, CEO of Restaurant Flammen