Flammen Odense

Opening hours


Sunday - Thursday:

17.00 - 22.00

Friday - Saturday:

17.00 - 23.00

Buffet closes:

Sunday - Thursday:


Friday - Saturday:


Dessert buffet:

Sunday - Thursday:

17.20 - 20.30*

Friday - Saturday:

17.20 - 21.30*

Takeaway opening hours:

Sunday - Thursday:

17.00 - 19.30

Friday - Saturday:

17.00 - 20.00

*Earliest closing time indicated.

We provide

  • Takeaway
  • Grill buffet
  • Takeaway
Kort Flammen Odense

Arriving by car?

The restaurant is situated in the centre of town in the same building as Goma. There are no parking spaces attached to the restaurant, but there is the possibility to park in the nearby streets. For example, there is a parking basement in Grønnegade or parking by Toldkammeret at Rugårdsvej 1.

The Restaurant


This beautiful old building has a rich history. For instance, it was Fyn’s old community hall, the venue for concerts and huge dances. This is Flammen’s home now. It literally has royal connections – with entrances to both Kongensgade (King Street) and Dronningegade (Queen Street). But don’t worry – our feet are planted firmly on the ground. We focus on making sure that your time here in our restaurant is a hygge-filled experience.

Bestyrer, Restaurant Flammen, Odense


Grill buffet


Do your family members have different tastes? Then you have come to the right place. We have a large grill buffet with 15 different kinds of meat, delicious hot dishes, including chips, nuggets, lasagne and scalloped potatoes, as well as 3 delicious sauces. If you are more interested in your greens, then you can enjoy the 50 selections available at our salad bar.



We love hosting parties in Odense. We think it is one of the nicest experiences, so we are thrilled to be chosen as a venue for parties so frequently. We have room for small and large parties, so just call and we will find a great solution just for you.



Here at Restaurant Flammen in Odense, we often host events, ranging from birthdays and Christmas lunches to 12-and-a-half years’ wedding anniversaries. When we host an event for you, there will be something for every taste at our large buffet, and you won’t have to sit around waiting for your food.


Restaurant gift card

Do you want to give your father, mother, significant other or neighbour the gift of a great evening out? Then a gift card to Restaurant Flammen is the perfect choice for an excellent gift that can lead to a wonderful experience which you can treasure for many years to come. Buy a gift card online and print it yourself or have it sent. You can also buy a gift card at our restaurants.

Flammen personale

Eatery Odense

If you are looking for an eatery for the next time you are going out to eat in Odense, then we can offer a huge grill buffet with 15 types of meat at the grill, 10 hot dishes and 50 selections at the salad bar. So, whether you are going out with your significant other, friends, family or with colleagues, we have something for every taste.


Family restaurant

Flammen is a family-owned restaurant originating from Southern Jutland. The family wanted to establish a cosy place for everyone, with something for every taste, and where you practically had to make an effort not to leave full. Our family restaurant in Odense has activity books for the kids and the possibility to borrow an iPad, so that you can have lovely evening.

Kød på grillen

Going out to eat

If you are going out to eat in Odense, drop by Flammen. We have a huge buffet with dishes for every taste and all ages. Bring the family or friends if you want to make sure that everyone leaves satisfied. If you still have some room left or if you have a sweet tooth after the buffet, enjoy one of our desserts. See you at our restaurant in Odense!

Flammen Odense

Restaurant Odense

Flammen Restaurant Odense is perfectly located, with two entrances, one on Kongegade and the other on Dronningegade. The restaurant is housed in beautiful old premises and decorated with gorgeous antiques and earth colours. We also have soft lighting and candlelight, for the perfect cosy atmosphere.