New menu from November 10th.

Can you guess what we get back on the menu? 🤔

It’s time for a Christmas party at Restaurant Flammen, and that’s why we’ve naturally brought Christmas into our sumptuous barbecue buffet.

Regardless of whether you are into Christmas meds, fish fillet, rice salamander or a whole 4th Christmas dish, you will certainly find everything your heart desires in our large selection.

It tastes sweet of Christmas, and you can almost hear both the jingle of bells and the singing of angels when you board our new Christmas menu.

We have been looking forward to presenting it to you, your family and all those you love. Therefore, the new Christmas menu is from all of us to all of you. Merry Christmas.

Here is some of what you can look forward to

🎄 Christmas salmon

🎄 Kale salad

🎄 Eggs & prawns

🎄 Tartlets

🎄 Christmas doctors

🎄 Comb roast

🎄 Christmas ham

🎄 and much more