You can get weekend brunch here:

Opening hours
Saturday – sunday 9.30 – 14.00
Brunch buffet closes
Saturday – sunday 13.30

weekend brunch

Sometimes there is just not enough time when you want to enjoy a relaxing and cosy lunch on a Saturday or Sunday. This is why we now offer a weekend brunch, so you can have a lie in and still have plenty of time to relax with lots of delicious food.

We hope that you enjoy our weekend brunch – welcoming you to a cosy and relaxing Saturday or Sunday in the restaurant. Weekend brunch is open 09:30-14:00 (brunch buffet closes 13:30).


Our sumptuous weekend brunch contains

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Cutting board

Beer braised beef with pale ale


Chicago pork with spicy rub

Veal cuvette with spice and garlic


Sesame-baked salmon with mustard, herbs and pickled red onions

Scrambled eggs

Fried eggs


Baked beans

2 kinds of sausages

Warm pate with champignon


Chicken nuggets

Danish meatballs

Salad bar with dressing


Pommes Frites

Yogurt bar with fresh fruit

Chicken thighs with Flammen’s BBQ sauce and sesame

Bearnaise sauce


The offer is subject to changes to our assortment.

Drinks bar

For only DKK 49 extra, you can also get as much as you want coffee, tea, cocoa and 6 different kinds of juice (peach ice tea, orange juice, apple juice, elder flower, pear/melon and pineapple).

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Brunch beverages





The offer is subject to changes to our assortment.

Bread rolls and delicious toppings and cold cuts

White bread, coarse bread – you decide for yourself what you want You also decide for yourself what you will have with your bread. Want some warm liver pâté and mushrooms on your bread? How about a fried egg and bacon? Or a thick layer of butter and Nutella? Don’t be shy – we have classic cold cuts and delicious new twists.

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Bread basket

Sliced rye bread

Bread rolls

Different kinds of Danish pastries

Danish pastries with cream

Bun with sugary filling and sprinkled with poppy seeds

Mini croissant

Sweet toppings for bread

3 kinds of jam



Chocolate slices

Cold cuts

3 kinds of Danish cheese with fruit

Cold cuts and toppings

The offer is subject to changes to our assortment.

For those with a sweet tooth

We never compromise on the sweet stuff – naturally, this includes our buffet brunch. You can spread three kinds of jam, some sweet honey, a couple of slices of chocolate or everyone’s favourite: Nutella. Yummy! But you can also let your sweet tooth go amok with delicious Danish pastries or – go for it – waffles with soft ice cream!

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Waffles and pancakes with soft ice cream

Different kinds of Danish pastries

The offer is subject to changes to our assortment.